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Vocaloid in Swedish newspaper

Not exactly “breaking news” but it’s always fun to see stuff like this mentioned in positive or at least curious light. Usually anime & manga only make it into the papers the bad way, but I digress.

The paper in question is yesterday’s issue of Sydsvenskan (2011-12-27), which comes from the really southern part of Sweden, should my not too impressive geographic skills not be failing me.
I don’t live there, but I work at a library right now and we get a whole bunch of papers every morning.

Sydsvenskan gives Hatsune Miku of Vocaloid fame a two page spread and briefly takes up what Vocaloid is, Crypton Future Media, the rise of Miku’s popularity on Nico Nico and her recent big, spectacular concert(s). And that’s mostly it.

If I had to complain about anything there’s 2 things. 1) Despite the fact that the article covers two pages…there isn’t that much to read. A big illustration on one side and a bit of text on the other.
2) They got her age wrong. I wouldn’t have noticed unless they hadn’t first stated she was 14 on the cover of the culture insert, and then 16 in the actual article – I’m no Miku-fanboy so I’m not exactly upset, just wished they checked the facts before shipping it to print. Makes it feel a bit unprofessional, is all.

My stance on the whole Vocaloid thing? I think the fact that I probably like Akita Neru, a fan character, better than any official one speaks for itself :p

Illustration by artist CHANxCO

Might update this with pictures later, not sure though. Since the camera in my own phone only seems to be there in order to have “camera” listed in the sale specs sheet, I used the one in my work phone – which is better but sucks as well. I mean, it’s a newspaper article, not too exciting :p
Oh well, we’ll see.