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Some SEGA stuff

I recently got into my head that a VGA box or similar for the Dreamcast would be nice and quickly leaped to eBay and made a purchase. It arrived yesterday, from England in what..a week or less? That’s certainly impressive.

There’s a noticeable increase in image quality but sadly I also experience some sort of faint vertical lines on all displays I’ve tested this on, save for an old HP CRT. There seems to be quite a number of other people on the internet reporting the same issue, and with different boxes/cords to boot.

Not sure what to do really… I don’t know if a VGA cable of higher quality would solve it. One of the LCDs I tested it with stated that the image was 680×480 60hz but the older CRT said 59hz and that worked fine. Soo…maybe that has anything to with it? I don’t know…we’ll see if a solution pops up…

In related news, I found this while going through some stuff in my room:

I guess it came with my Mega Drive all those years ago…huh.