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+ Christmas 2012 + (Artwork)

So, wow, another year’s soon gone by. Time flies, like really!
Before I say another word, ARTWORK TIME!

Christmas 2012

Click me!

Wasn’t even sure I’d be able to finish something for this year and I was running pretty late but it worked out somehow. Turned out pretty great too, aside from a few things that bugs me.
But just so we’re clear, HEADPHONES ARE FREAKING HARD TO DRAW. Got that? Okay, good 🙂

In other news,
I had meant to make another loot post because I got in some more stuff during the last months but I’ve been to lazy to actually post it here. Maybe it’ll come up today or tomorrow or something. We’ll see! I also have some more cool stuff on the way to me as we speak (which also totally emptied my wallet but that’s my fault) but more about that once they arrive.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays, people! 😀

+ Christmas 2011 + (artwork)

And it’s christmas time once again. I’ve had a few different ideas for a picture this year but as usual, I had too grand plans and started too late – had to abandon my first idea because it didn’t turn out that great. Soo, here you go :p

Click me!

Copying the description from DA because I’m tired:

I could spend all day pointing out all the mistakes but I won’t. At the time of writing this – about 15 minutes left to the 24th. I MADE IT IN TIME. OHYEAH!

A bit “rough” but consider this- originally “inked” with a black ballpoint pen : s

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays~