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Another MD-recorder acquired

I got another MD recorder off eBay. This time it’s a Sharp MT832, and I must say, it seems to work quite well. Even the battery is still holding a decent charge, especially for a pre-2000 model. My other recorder is a Sony MZ-N10. It’s one of those NET-MD players which you can connect to a computer in order to quickly record songs. Except I can’t get it to work. In any case, my Sony is a bit temperamental and I find the stick-remote to be bit flawed. Older Sony stick remotes almost seems better thought out, weirdly enough.
The Sharp is a bit fatter and a little bigger but most importantly weighs more than the Sony. That it’s only drawback really, even though it does feel more sturdy than the Sony. Sound quality-wise they’re both good. Maybe the Sony is a little bit sharper (ha!) but I still prefer the 832 because of the dedicated bass-button and overall ease of use.

But! “It’s 2012, why are you digging up old tech, you dumbnut?” you ask. Short answer: They’re cool. Long answer: They’re cool and have great sound quality. And as long as the cables match up, you can record essentially anything, using analog or optical line in. For example, I recorded almost all song performances from my Idol Defense Force Hummingbird LDs. And last night I recorded the best songs from a pair of instruction cassette tapes back when I used to play drums. They’re produced 1987 and there are some cool original tracks on there. Minidisc is good for odd jobs like that. Though, an optical recording from a high quality source like a CD yields the best results, of course.

They might not be very practical nowadays and there is undoubtedly a bit of work involved, but the joy of physical media is hard to beat. Especially when it’s this cool. Sleek & modern or retro-futuristic, there is an MD-player for everyone. And the discs themselves are beautiful and available in different styles & colors.

If you’re the slightest bit interested, minidisc.org is a great place to check out.