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The (still) early 2014 loot post

Err. Yeah.

A bit late as usual but here we are. Literary TONS of stuff to go through! Important to note is that, all this isn’t bought at the same time but rather, all the collected loot since last time I posted (and maybe even before that, in case of pre-orders and the like).
Where to start? Maybe with this PC-FX that finally made it’s way to me late november last year?


A bit yellowed but seems to work well 🙂 That is my complete, measly library of games for the thing on the left there. Team Innocent has seen the most action among those games (completed it).
Next up is what arrived after I went a bit nuts after the holidays:


Decided to expand my meagre collection of import manga. I’m really liking Mikiyo Tsuda’s work so I picked up Day of the Revolution and the first volume of Princess Princess. I really want to get my hands on the english language release as well. Great stuff!
Also picked up another volume of the excellent Family Compo. And some other stuff, including an interesting assortment of music CDs & soundtracks. T-Square is always nice (fab Jazz Fusion) and I discovered Frankie Goes to Hollywood thanks to youtube.

Also got me the soundtrack for Under Siege which is simple, but atmospheric, another entry in the ever growing pile of all things Bubblegum Crisis, the soundtrack to the first Idol Defense Force Hummingbird OVA and some delightfully cheesy dance tracks with the MAKAI*STARs album. Also found a nice 1981-1987 collection CD from Japanese artist Toshiki Kadomatsu, whose stuff I’ve really gotten into as of late. It’s basically more delightful cheese.

Lastly I bought a copy of Manga Studio 5 – however I was stupid and imported it (and got hit by extra charges) when I could’ve saved money and bought it -with free shipping- from Amazon UK instead. >_<;
Aaaanyway, some welcome additions to the LD library also showed up. Good stuff too, maybe especially Gundam 0083.

Then began my latest collection craze – physical anime releases. It’s a bit embarrassing this but, I’ve always been more of a fansub guy. I did buy some anime DVDs but those were so crappy I grew very, very wary of official releases however stupid that may sound. But recently I’ve seen so many things I want to own on DVD/Blu-ray pop up for very decent prices so I basically just caved in.

I’ve actually always wanted to support the industry by buying physical anime releases but the box-sets I’ve seen have been a bit pricey and I’ve always been strapped for cash – not to mention me not really trusting the companies to do a decent job. But that’s a topic for another day!


Pre-ordering that Hidamari Sketch blu-ray literary blew open the floodgates. More cool deals showed up, such as the sweet Doujin Work DVD/Manga combo by RightStuf (which is probably just the right amount of Hiroyuki) and being the self-declared fan of the original AIKa I am, how could I pass up AIKa R-16 for a super low price? I can hear your facepalm from where I sit but I don’t hate AIKa R-16. Now, AIKa Zero on the other hand….*shakes fist*

Keeping in line with the fan service, I also picked up Highschool DxD and it’s been surprisingly decent. Also picked up Summer Wars as well as the ever excellent Cowboy Bebop. I forgot to mention I had to secure two blu-ray players (region A & B) in order to enjoy all this, by the way. A great book store in Stockholm also had a sale where I picked up some neat things.
Thankfully, all this craziness is coming to an end. The last pile of things to look at is this:


Last but not least, as they say. With this, another milestone has been achieved as my Bubblegum Crisis LaserDisc collection is now complete.
Then some cheap bishoujo-games for the Saturn showed up, along with Asuka 120½ Burning Fest. Limited and Langrisser for PC Engine. Also thrown in there is ToHeart 2 DX Plus for the PS3 which is, as far as I can tell, pretty much the perfect version of this game to own. Sure, the extra scenes from the X-rated PC release will most likely not be included, but those aren’t really important anyway.

And that’s it. Geeez, talk about hoarding.

The SHMJ sweet l00t post

OR “How I destroyed my wallet”.

Well. It’s here. After being stuck in some kind of weird shipping limbo, the last package and missing piece has now arrived.
I believe I’ve learned a very important lesson through this whole ordeal, and I will talk about this shortly however, showing off the l00t first might be a good idea.

This is a long a long one, so lean back & get comfortable.

A box appears! I wonder what’s inside….?


Ta-daah! Actually, there’s a hint of things to come somewhere in there…


Taking a closer look at the stuff:


There’s some really cool stuff in there, especially among the books & LDs. Being able to own both the Ten Little Gall Force OVA as well as Scramble Wars is maybe can be considered a personal milestone for my LD collection. Not sure if they’re actually rare or anything but, it’s something I don’t see very often that I’ve felt would be very cool to actually own, instead of just having them downloaded. Ten Little Gall Force is a sort of bonus episode thing for the original Gall Force OVA-series, in which the now super deformed cast play out some key events from the show as actors were it a live action production. Scramble Wars is a sort of Wacky Racers styled romp which features a lot of characters from popular older shows at the time. The main focus lies on the Gall Force & Bubblegum Crisis cast however.
Getting Burn Up! is cool as well. Not because it’s all that great, but it’s one of the things I watched when I was getting into “oldschool” anime. So, yeah, it’s more of a personal thing.
And last but not least, the Macross-movie. I need to find some time to sit down and watch this sucker again. Absolutely stoked to own it tho’. It’s a beautiful box.

Also picked up some very nice artbooks. Being a big fan of Kenichi Sonoda’s older artworks, I find this “Gallant” artbook to be very cool. Aside from a few original illustrations, it’s mostly Gall Force stuff in here to, both character artwork and mechanical designs – very cool. Also very happy with the Dirty Pair Flash artbook and that book by artist Akitaka Mika, from Galaxy Angel fame, which is filled to the brim with so called “MS Girls”-illustrations. That is to say, illustrations of different Gundam robots depicted as girls, all this done in a very 80s style. Been wanting a real copy of this for some time.

I could talk about the games & music CDs as well but let’s move on to package nr. 2…






Sharp X68000 Ace HD. Pure pr0n. This sucker’s big & heavy, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t one of the coolest looking computers of all time. OF ALL TIME.
Came with a SCSI card installed, which is…cool, I guess? 😀 I really have no clue about these things.
At this point, I should probably also mention that this unit was sold as mostly untested, except that it powered on, and I have no real idea how well it actually works. After confirming that yes, it does indeed power on, I tempted fate by inserting those “Detana!! Twinbee” floppies and it shut down, refusing to power on again.
Disk 1 is still in there ;_;

Ah, well, actually, the power supply is notorious for failing on these units, at least on the twin tower models, so I was sort of expecting that to happen at some point anyway. I spent a bit of yesterday to open this sucker up (it’s only 3 screws per side, but those side panels are some truly tricky bastards). So in less than 24 hours of me receiving it, it ended up like this:

^ Removed the power supply ^

Ah…well, I’ll look at this like a project of sorts and hopefully will be able to get this bad boy up and running again. Or at least just enough to spit out that Twinbee floppy. 😛

And now for the serious bit:
I paid through the nose for this. For the items and for the shipping.
So here’s a little piece of advice for anyone wanting to go wild on Yahoo Auctions using Shopping Mall Japan or similar proxy services. Get what you need and get out.
Don’t buy a lot of stuff just because it’s “cheap” – because it isn’t going to be, in the end. Sure, it may just cost 500yen but then it will have to get shipped twice and usually putting down a bid costs a little bit in itself. SMJ takes about $6 if I remember correctly.

In short: it all adds up, and then, if you’re impatient like me and don’t want to wait 3 months or risk shipping all that cool stuff without insurance the shipping charges will hit you like a fist.
Not saying there’s anything wrong with SMJ and the like, but…one should be careful and think things through.

However, the most devastating realization is probably this. I bought a lot of stuff that isn’t especially rare at all – they just happened to be sooo much cheaper then I’ve seen them for on eBay it was almost hilarious. Like, I couldn’t let these awesome deals pass me by, right? Turns out, I probably didn’t save anything at all. Actually it might’ve been cheaper to just get them off eBay.

So…uh, there we have it. I’ll be more careful next time.
Aaand, this might sound stupid after all this but I actually have another piece of hardware coming in, unrelated to this purchase, so that’ll hopefully show up in the coming weeks. See you when that happens. 😀

Recent pickups Nov/Dec

Here’s the belated loot post I was talking about. This is stuff that I got during November and maybe very early December that I didn’t get round to post here.


First up is some game systems I’ve been after for quite some time. I mentioned this before but when I picked up my PCE DUO, I had originally been deciding between a Super Famicom or a Mega Drive. That purchase resulted in none of those, so I’ve been eyeing them again after that.

Sadly, I’ve had a bit of problem connecting them to my scaler, especially with the Mega Drive units. I do have an RGB scart for all systems but maybe I also need to invest in one of those syncstrike-devices? The MD with the “AV Intelligent Terminal – High Grade Multipurpose Use”-marking (love that!) was said to have some kind of audio trouble, so I managed to pick up another one to have just in case.


And software, of course! Nothing too expensive and mostly pretty common titles. Very happy to find a PC-FX game (Graduation II FX) for the price I got it for. See, I don’t have a PC-FX, but ever since I found out about the NEC game systems, I’ve been eyeing that one along with the normal PC Engine. Getting a PC-FX is not on the top of my priority list, but I hope to be able to pick one up sometime and when I do, I will have a game at the ready 🙂 Loving the big clamshell case!

Lastly, to the upper far left, an Eureka SeveN DVD/UMD combo pack…thing. It’s just the first DVD but it also comes with an UMD-disc…because…I don’t know why. All this comes in this big box thing which is surprisingly empty. It was bought used to most likely something is missing but…whatever. I’m not the biggest Eureka SeveN fan, actually. I mean, I DO really like it. But at the same time, I can’t see myself re-watching the whole thing any time soon and for everything that I like about the show, there are things that I don’t so…it’s a bit of a mixed bag for me.

And that’s that. I mentioned I had some other stuff on the way and everything save for one item has actually already turned up here so…just waiting for that last thing to get shipped. So stay tuned, if watching other people’s loot is your thing!

Recent Pickups 15/4 2012

I was in town today with a friend and visited some stores. Picked up Giga Wing & a rumble pack for the Dreamcast and Burnout 2 for my “new” Gamecube. I got it quite cheap of eBay, it’s a bit roughed up but it seems to work, so hopefully I’ll have some good times with it. 🙂

Also got the Orange Box from a friend who got it from a friend who managed to buy it twice – lucky me! – so I’ve finally played Portal. It was about as awesome as everyone said it was.
Speaking of awesome, I watched Ghibli’s Laputa for the first time the other night and I enjoyed it very much. The animation was superb and it had a very adventurous feel to it, not to mention a fascinating setting.

Also, there was some kind of market fair going on in town and one guy was selling electronics. I was on the verge of picking up a GBA SP & a Gameboy Color, but I didn’t because wasn’t sure of their condition and I didn’t have that much money on me, after the previous purchases. I also saw some other systems there as well some minidisc players (!).
Sadly, they were in quite bad condition (one didn’t even want to open up properly), which was a shame because I’ve been looking for another minidisc player to carry around. Anyway, I just love it when there’s electronics and games just lying around, if I’d went alone I would still be there going through all that stuff… 😀

I forgot to mention…

…that I also got another Dreamcast. An NTSC-J unit, to be more precise. I totally forgot about it when compiling that last loot-post.

A new seller appeared on Tradera, which is the Swedish equivalent of eBay (actually, it’s owned by it, IIRC) that sells Japanese systems and games, ranging from the Famicom to the Dreamcast.
He had some loose DC units that were sold for quite cheap so I had to pick one up, seeing that I probably had most stuff needed to hook it up.

It’s got a few scratches and scuff marks but it works fine. I also picked up Deadly Skies for it, but I haven’t really had the chance to try it out thanks to me sticking it next to my PAL unit, which is a bit too far away from the step down converter and powerstrip I use for import systems. That sounds like a very stupid reason, and it is, but I’m planning on moving some things around, should I get my hands on the things I need soo…we’ll see. Happy to have it, anyway!

On and ending note, there’s an interesting little difference in details between the two units, besides the color of the swirly logo. The upper part of the inverted triangle shape near the top front edge is solid grey plastic on my PAL unit, while the NTSC-J unit sports one made out clear plastic.


PCE – All opened up

After hearing a rattling noise inside my Duo-R, as if something was loose, as well as wanting to see what shape the capacitors were in*, I opened it up. Turned out the noise came from a loose bit of plastic of unknown origin and the capacitors looked fine to my untrained eyes. However, one of the small stick-things that keeps the CD-unit in place had snapped, some glue did fix that though. The box the unit came in was a bit roughed up, perhaps that was the cause…?
Anyhow, I thought I’d post the pictures I took of the inside of the unit, should anyone find it interesting :p

Unit seems to work fine otherwise, I need more games for it! 😀

* A common problem for normal Duo’s are that the capacitors go bad. Duo-R and RX’s are usually not effected as often and are generally seen as more reliable but you never know…

PC Engine GET!

A PC Engine Duo-R was waiting for me when I got home today. Mmmmmmm yes. There are some slight scratches not visible in the picture but overall it seems to be in very good shape, sans a faint yellow tint :p
What really surprised me is how “small” the system actually is, just slightly bigger than the old PlayStation.

I wanted to get another system, preferably something 16-bit…ish (I know wether the PCE is a true 16-bit console or not is technically debatable). At first I was after the Model 1 Mega Drive but that dang CD-add on is somewhat elusive, not to mention expensive :> Then I went to hunt down the Super Famicom. I was this close to getting one. But then, suddenly I couldn’t contain my desire to own a PC Engine any longer and, even though it might’ve been the most expensive of the three, I quickly took action. Truth to be told, I’ve wanted one pretty much since I “discovered” it’s existence a year or two ago. Ah well, I can get the others some other time.

I bought it through Game of Japan but weirdly enough, they sent me Galaxy Fraulein Yuna 2 instead of the first game : / Hmm…I don’t really mind, I mean, The Galaxy Fraulein-games aren’t exactly expensive or hard to find*…not to mention I already have the first one…on the Saturn. AND what a horrible version that is! That, however, is a rant for another day.

: )

* With the possible exception of Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire, but whether or not it’s really a part of the Yuna-franchise, I don’t know.

Oldschool l00t of excellence

(Warning: thumbs are a bit screwy thanks to me not resisting captions)
During the time when my old blog was getting ignored by me, I did get a way of income and that has naturally resulted in some loot. First up was something of an impulse buy where heart went before all reason:


And as a result of that, this:

Yes, I’ve started to collect Laserdiscs. I realize DVD might be better in many ways such cheaper per episode and generally less cumbersome but LOOK AT IT. IT’S SO AWESOME. I mean, it’s certainly not very economic to buy each episode loose as often seems to be the case with anime LDs but it really feels like you’re getting something for your money spent. High quality artwork on the front (and often back) of the big sleeve and then a gigantic disc that weighs quite more than you’d initially believe. And in all of LDs I have collected so far (not a very big collection but slightly bigger than pictured) there’s usually an insert of some kind, sometimes a folder, with interviews, comments and character/vehicle design/sketches.
Really cool stuff.

Some stuff that I bought together with the LDs also deserves special mention. Like, for starters, this B-Club Special Bubblegum Crisis artbook. I wasn’t expecting that to float around the interwebs for an affordable price, really happy to pick that up. My camera does suck though, apologies for that.

Fuck. Yes.

I also picked up the first artbook for another guilty pleasure of mine: Agent AIKa. Sadly, I didn’t take any special pictures of aside from the one above.
In the same batch, there were also two volumes of Namco Game Sound Express.

The 80s says "hi!"

And last but not least additions to my game collection:

I also got Rockman Dash (Mega Man Legends) and Tokimeki Memorial 2, pictured in the loot above.
Phew! I believe that’s most of it. I don’t have any more pictures, anyway :p