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MML – Lakeside Town curiosity

In Lakeside Town, or Uptown depending on region, there’s a house hidden behind the TV studio. Okay, not exactly hidden. Anyway, in the western release the girl in front of it will tell you that it is a “computer game school” and she’s totally going to make sweet games like Resident Evil. Right, that’s cute but somehow doesn’t really make sense. I always wondered what the deal with this house was, it felt too detailed to just be something they decided to throw in, especially since you can’t enter it. What does “YAG” mean, anyway?

Turns out, in the original Japanese version, things make a little bit more sense. Well, a little.
Instead of it being a computer game school, the girl says that this is an animation school. She continues with a phone number – “please call if you’re interested”, she says. Okay, still weird. Turns out though, YAG is real and it stands for “Yoyogi Animation Gakuin”.

Here’s the homepage, which also features a student gallery.

So, Capcom and Y.A.G. had tied up. Why? I don’t know, can’t find a proper answer. And apparently they changed it to something else in the PSP-version. I haven’t played it but I want to remember reading it became a cooking school or something – don’t take my word for it :p

But yeah, I just thought I’d share this piece of non-relevant information.