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GAMEX 2011

Held the first time last year, GAMEX is a (to me) pretty big game expo/show that somehow is held about 15-20 minutes away from where I live. By foot.
I had a pretty good time last year, but it wasn’t because of the show itself but because what happened during the time I was there; I found out about a sweet store, met some former classmates and sat with a group of others drawing, which also resulted in a won game. Yep, that was a pretty good time.

This time, well, not so much. Battlefield 3, NFS The Run, CoD 3 and others were on display. Everywhere. Two of those are already out, the others doesn’t interest me that much. Uncharted 3 seems nice but then again, I haven’t played the first two and I’d like to that before diving into the 3rd game.

More interestingly, The PS VITA was also on display but they only had, like, one and there was a good amount of people lined up. It just seems GAMEX isn’t really for me, but will I go next year still? We’ll see…

MMZ 2 being the only thing of interest here. Well, Top Gear in Swedish is interesting too - but feels odd, mostly for the same reason