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Recent Pickups 15/4 2012

I was in town today with a friend and visited some stores. Picked up Giga Wing & a rumble pack for the Dreamcast and Burnout 2 for my “new” Gamecube. I got it quite cheap of eBay, it’s a bit roughed up but it seems to work, so hopefully I’ll have some good times with it. 🙂

Also got the Orange Box from a friend who got it from a friend who managed to buy it twice – lucky me! – so I’ve finally played Portal. It was about as awesome as everyone said it was.
Speaking of awesome, I watched Ghibli’s Laputa for the first time the other night and I enjoyed it very much. The animation was superb and it had a very adventurous feel to it, not to mention a fascinating setting.

Also, there was some kind of market fair going on in town and one guy was selling electronics. I was on the verge of picking up a GBA SP & a Gameboy Color, but I didn’t because wasn’t sure of their condition and I didn’t have that much money on me, after the previous purchases. I also saw some other systems there as well some minidisc players (!).
Sadly, they were in quite bad condition (one didn’t even want to open up properly), which was a shame because I’ve been looking for another minidisc player to carry around. Anyway, I just love it when there’s electronics and games just lying around, if I’d went alone I would still be there going through all that stuff… 😀