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Recent Pickups 15/4 2012

I was in town today with a friend and visited some stores. Picked up Giga Wing & a rumble pack for the Dreamcast and Burnout 2 for my “new” Gamecube. I got it quite cheap of eBay, it’s a bit roughed up but it seems to work, so hopefully I’ll have some good times with it. 🙂

Also got the Orange Box from a friend who got it from a friend who managed to buy it twice – lucky me! – so I’ve finally played Portal. It was about as awesome as everyone said it was.
Speaking of awesome, I watched Ghibli’s Laputa for the first time the other night and I enjoyed it very much. The animation was superb and it had a very adventurous feel to it, not to mention a fascinating setting.

Also, there was some kind of market fair going on in town and one guy was selling electronics. I was on the verge of picking up a GBA SP & a Gameboy Color, but I didn’t because wasn’t sure of their condition and I didn’t have that much money on me, after the previous purchases. I also saw some other systems there as well some minidisc players (!).
Sadly, they were in quite bad condition (one didn’t even want to open up properly), which was a shame because I’ve been looking for another minidisc player to carry around. Anyway, I just love it when there’s electronics and games just lying around, if I’d went alone I would still be there going through all that stuff… 😀

I forgot to mention…

…that I also got another Dreamcast. An NTSC-J unit, to be more precise. I totally forgot about it when compiling that last loot-post.

A new seller appeared on Tradera, which is the Swedish equivalent of eBay (actually, it’s owned by it, IIRC) that sells Japanese systems and games, ranging from the Famicom to the Dreamcast.
He had some loose DC units that were sold for quite cheap so I had to pick one up, seeing that I probably had most stuff needed to hook it up.

It’s got a few scratches and scuff marks but it works fine. I also picked up Deadly Skies for it, but I haven’t really had the chance to try it out thanks to me sticking it next to my PAL unit, which is a bit too far away from the step down converter and powerstrip I use for import systems. That sounds like a very stupid reason, and it is, but I’m planning on moving some things around, should I get my hands on the things I need soo…we’ll see. Happy to have it, anyway!

On and ending note, there’s an interesting little difference in details between the two units, besides the color of the swirly logo. The upper part of the inverted triangle shape near the top front edge is solid grey plastic on my PAL unit, while the NTSC-J unit sports one made out clear plastic.


Some SEGA stuff

I recently got into my head that a VGA box or similar for the Dreamcast would be nice and quickly leaped to eBay and made a purchase. It arrived yesterday, from England in what..a week or less? That’s certainly impressive.

There’s a noticeable increase in image quality but sadly I also experience some sort of faint vertical lines on all displays I’ve tested this on, save for an old HP CRT. There seems to be quite a number of other people on the internet reporting the same issue, and with different boxes/cords to boot.

Not sure what to do really… I don’t know if a VGA cable of higher quality would solve it. One of the LCDs I tested it with stated that the image was 680×480 60hz but the older CRT said 59hz and that worked fine. Soo…maybe that has anything to with it? I don’t know…we’ll see if a solution pops up…

In related news, I found this while going through some stuff in my room:

I guess it came with my Mega Drive all those years ago…huh.