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Can’t believe I’m watching Upotte!!

FNC will fuck your shit right up.

Last post was rather anti-moe, now I’m watching Upotte!!, what’s going on here?!

Generally speaking, I shouldn’t like it. Character design is mostly so-so and the premise itself is so forced that were it a fruit, it would be orange juice.
Yes, this is that show about girls, that also happens to be guns, going to a gun school. And of course, since the girls are guns, different parts of the body correspond to different parts of the respective gun they “portray”. And I use the word “portray” very generously here. The first girl to be introduced, the FN FNC, has a skeleton stock, so that’s why she wears a T-back. Naturally. And during her first encounter with the male teacher, who just so happens to be human, she sees his perfect “assault rifle-posture” in the shooting gallery of a local fair and since then dreams about his big hands gently firing herohmygodwhatamIwriting?

This is how LOVE works, kids.

That’s the level this show is on. I’ve seen 3 episodes so far and still I’m coming back for more. That sounds worrying, so what’s the cause?
Well….first off, I think guns are pretty cool. I wouldn’t mind having a few soft air gun rifles or pistols decorating my walls. In fact, I already have one, though it’s a cheap spring operated Sig Sauer P226, that I always felt looked very plasticy – until I noticed that so did the real one too. Hm.

Secondly, it turned out to be somewhat entertaining. I like my girls with guns anime as much as the next guy but I really just wished Upotte!! could’ve dropped this whole weird idea of girls being guns. Though they try -oh they do- it doesn’t even make much sense in the show. Especially not since they are also carrying around the rifles they are supposed to be. Seriously, don’t think about stuff like that when watching this show, it will end you.

Seems fair enough. Wait, do they grow older? Do they evolve intAUGH MY BRAIN!

Also, there’s quite a bit of interesting information dropped both left and right. I like that.

Like this.

“Favorite” character so far? M14, she’s pretty fun. Her friends too, I guess. In their own way.

I guess I will stick around this show a bit longer, but no Lucky Star it isn’t.