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2015/2016 New Year wrap-up


As 2016 is soon to be upon us, I’d like to just have a quick glance back at this years happenings.

All the way back in March I hinted this with a quick post, but I moved out of my parents house and into an apartment for the first time in my life.
I knew some friends and family my age and younger that already had moved out but it took me until this year to do so.

I actually did start looking at apartments back in summer 2014, not seriously at first, but just as last years christmas descended upon us, I had managed to secure a place of my own, which I would get access to early this year. It took a few things coming together successfully, much like a delicate puzzle under a time limit, and quite some help from my parents to make this happen.

It took me longer than anticipated to actually move in but that was pretty much because of me, the apartment itself was actually in good nick and had received a somewhat recent make-over. Not having moved anywhere in my life before, packing things down effectively went so-so and it was only then I realized the full extent of my hoarder personality which had thrived quite well thanks an actual salary.

Also I wanted to wait until the last moment to move my computer, as I didn’t want it sitting in a box more than necessary.
So then when some of the other stuff, like temporary furniture and such was in place, we moved my bed and computer in one sitting. And the moment the bed moved, was when I officially moved out. I also got a few wooden chairs (surprisingly comfortable) and a (not so stable) folding table from a pair that was just cleaning out another apartment. Free stuff!

I remember it quite well. I moved during the weekend so that I would have grown a bit accustomed to things and not spend my entire morning getting ready for work with looking through the wrong cupboards.
The feeling was actually that of staying in a hotel. It was an odd but not all unpleasant feeling.

After a week it did feel like home though. And it really does now.

So yeah, moving out was the really big thing in 2015.

And if words bore you, here are some photos for your amusement:
Imgur album link

I also hope you realize I moved most boxes and crap outta the way when taking pictures. It’s quite much more of a mess IRL 😀

Bonus f00d pr0n:

Another Imgur link

Also got me a temporary oldschool gaming setup going now:


It’ll probably be the way it is for way too long to be called “temporary” but it’s a start. Here in December I actually sat down and played through Snatcher on the PC Engine, which was nice. Otherwise I’ve spent most of my time gaming on PC thanks since I upgraded my PC a little bit and there were indeed some good games out this year. I spent a lot of time with Metal Gear Solid V when that came out, for example.

Audio-related Imgur link

I also dabbled more with speakers and hifi-stuff this year. During the late summer I attempted to switch from my Mission 752 tower speakers to something more modern. I first ran the standmount-route and after some comparison made the rash decision to get a pair of Dali Zensor 3s. I demoed the Wharfedale 10.2 and Boston Acoustics A26 before deciding, but looking back those two were probably more in line of my preferences. But I wanted something a bit different sounding and got carried away.

After not really getting along with the sound signature (personal opinion, speakers were quite impressive technically) I went the floorstanding route again and ended up with a pair of Audio Pro Avanto 5.0s. These have been rather good. Chesty if run in full-range or crossed low but as one might expect a bit much in my small living room. So I am once again thinking of maybe getting another pair of bookshelf speakers…we’ll just have to see what I end up doing in 2016.

I also ended up getting a new portable music player, the Sony NWZ-A17. This one (64gb ver) I had to get from Massdrop as the Sony was 1) quite expensive here in Sweden and 2) not available with the larger memory (bit priced almost as high).
It’s been really good. The back/option buttons are slightly mushy though but other than that works well. I’ve been using Sony DAPs since my Creative Zen Micro died and I got a Sony NWZ-A818 instead, which I wrote about long ago.

As for drawing, I’ve been hanging out on /r/animesketch way more than my DA account this year. Fun place, go have a look!

And now I really don’t have time to sit here and write away anymore!
Again, see you 2016! /o/

It’s happening!


With all stuff that I have, this might take a good while….

Room update – early 2014 edition

Fact: The last pictures I posted about the ever changing space that is my room are decidedly outdated.
Solution: This link right here.

Please excuse the small picture sizes as these originally were meant to be embedded in a forum post elsewhere.
The biggest change is the PC corner, which now, in addition to RGB LEDs and cozy lightning, have been completely revamped with two new desks, a new shelf and display cabinet for figures and similar things. One of my displays is also now mounted to an arm (TATE preparations complete!) and it’s a very nice place to be, frankly! 😀 Next on the list should probably be a new chair. This cheap one is literary falling apart.

For those of you who’re interested, this is my current audio setup:
PC & Consoles -> Optical cable -> active switch -> Chinese SMSL brand DAC & Headphone amp -> AudioEngine N22 desktop amp -> Mordaunt-Short MS 3.10 speakers + cheap König subwoofer.
It sounds pretty good, even though I’d love to try some other speakers or another amplifier in the future. It’s not the cheapest setup but in the mad, mad world of audio it’s still probably “budget” material. Still, it’s much more flexible setup than a set of normal computer speakers since it’s super easy to replace parts of it.

The TV corner is pretty much the same as last time except now with much more stuff and, again, LEDs. Audio-wise, I switched to bookshelfs instead of the big Technics speakers. Two cheap Gale monitor speakers, another small sub from König and a Denon AVR-1601 amp/reciever – actually a very budget friendly audio setup. This used to be my PC audio setup before I decided to downsize it.

I’m always saying this but I’m wanting to do something about the TV corner. It’s always a big mess of wires, cables and controllers. …Not just sure what to do about it, limited space and all that.

And that concludes this time’s room report.

Got me a new display: AOC i2757Fm


Whoozah! Going bigger is the trend, aye? Actually, I have been eyeing this particular monitor for a couple of months now while I’ve been saving up. It’s a (relatively) low cost 27″ LED IPS monitor, based on one of LG’s offerings. Cutting quickly to the chase, is it any good? Yes. Yes, it is. It doesn’t feel overly plasticy (only slightly – but I’ve had worse), got a fair amount of connections (however no DVI, sadly) and I really like the aesthetics. Stand maybe is a bit wobbly, but it works. You can place it right on the table without the stand if you wish.

If I had to nitpick, which I will do, it’s that I can’t seem to get the colors to look as good….or rather, as “deep” as they look on my Eizo Foris F2332, which also is a LED IPS display, although smaller with “only” 23 inches. I’ve been using that as my main display since probably last summer and I’ve really been rather fond of it, so naturally, I can’t help but to compare the two.

Especially when gaming or watching movies have I seen the Eizo come out slightly on top with a more detailed image, and with a white balance that somehow feels more white, more neutral, while the AOC, with my current settings at least, have this ever so slightly warm tint. Now, if I didn’t have the Eizo to compare to I would be perfectly satisfied. But I’m no expert, and I don’t have any of that fancy calibration equipment, so I don’t know if my Eizo displays the most “correct” colors, only that I slightly prefer it. It’s also worth mentioning that it lacks VESA mounting features, which may be a deal breaker to some.


Also please note that this is a 1080p display, and does not, like some of the other 27″ offerings out there, go up to WQHD resolutions (2560 x 1440). This can be both a blessing and a curse. Since I have my Xbox 360 and PS3 living in the PC corner, having a 1080p monitor is perfect. And I think 1080p is totally a-OK for computing as well. For now, at least.

Now that both my PC monitors works in 1080p, I can game on whichever one I want and doing something else on the other – thanks to a cheap HDMI switcher and HDMI splitter solution like this:

Enjoying some blue skies in Just Cause 2

Oh and please ignore the mess which is my cabling. I’ll get to it…


Room progress – 2012 Game corner update!

I wasn’t wasting money solely on my gaming & anime/manga collection during my absence but I also invested some money in re-doing my little gaming corner. Got me some proper shelving and a TV bench as well as the needed AV switches & selectors, cords and all that other stuff.
I won’t bore you with details so let’s look at some pictures instead! 😀



Everything is not completely connected yet, as I need a few more cables and the like and some of the solutions are not very elegant, but this works pretty well actually. You might be scratching your chin and wondering, “why is there such a gap between the TV and the shelves?”. Well, I thought that I maybe would like to cram in another monitor or a small TV, like one of those 21″ Bang & Olufsen CRTs, can I find one for cheap. Not everything plays that well with my scaler, my unmodified PC Engine Duo, for example, so having an alternative could be nice. I also need to pick up some RGB cables for my PlayStations and since I’m just out of inputs, another scart box and maybe another RCA selector.

Also need to get rid of that chair and get a proper sofa or something…but that’s for another day!

Room progress 2012-08-20


Well, almost. But it’s 100% usable now. Too bad my camera refused to cooperate : /
The old layout was fun but not that well thought out – also cords friggin everywhere. I also had some problem with electricity and fuses going. I tried divide my stuff over a couple of different power switches, but it didn’t always work that well. The solution turned out to be the Brennenstuhl Power Manager (available here) – this way I have more control over what’s getting power and, more importantly, what isn’t. Of course, it’s designed for use in Europe so your mileage may wary.

With a bit of help, my PC got itself a little rolling CPU stand so that I can access it more easily and I also have monitor risers, as well as a little wagon-thing that houses my PS3, XB360 & amplifier. I was getting tired of PC speakers and wanted to try something different.

Both the amp and speakers have been sitting around in my room for quite a while, I just didn’t have any place to use them until now. Considering I gave 500 sek (~$75) for the amp. and 300 sek (~$45) for the speakers I’m quite happy with how it sounds.
I also picked up a sub for an additional 500 sek. Granted, for that kind of money, you’re getting close to premium-level PC speakers but I just didn’t feel like it. Also, it’s easier to switch things out in this kind of setup.

The rest of the room is calmly chaotic, best way to describe it I guess. I’m planning something similar for the TV setup – amp & speakers already secured. 😀

Room makeover in progress…again

I’ve mentioned it time and again but finally I’m physically moving stuff around, not just with in my mind 😛
Progress have been pretty good so far, with the occasional snag. My computer is once again hooked up & running but until I finish an essential part of franken-furniture – IKEA-style, I’ve got no where to place my amp and thus no sound.

The interesting thing about the re-position of the computer-table/corner is that when dis-assembled and moved around, it didn’t take the fall alone.
My LCD TV-set needed to be re-positioned as well, so I could move around in here and thus the plans for re-arrangement of the classic game corner have been accelerated as well.

My initial plan was to do these things at different point in time but I really have got to many things in the middle of the room taking up space with no place to call home 😛


EXCITING TIMES! *widdles off*

Rooms? Rooms.

‘Ello everyone, my vacation just started and I must admit it feels pretty great. Sadly, it’s also raining.

That aside though, progress for the room re-arrangement have slowed down once again. I’m thinking of maybe putting together a little movable shelf-thing that can house the PS3, XB360 & a receiver/amplifier I picked up earlier. We’ll see if that comes into fruition…

But, rooms. I like looking at rooms and get inspired, you know? There are a couple of ways you could find them, Google’s image search being the first one that springs to mind. Sometimes, people in gaming communities also have these threads where they post their game rooms. But, I’d like to introduce you to a third alternative:


“Mezon heya-sure”, which translates roughly into “the rooms at home-thread”, is a blog-like site which compiles and archives related threads from the well-known 2ch discussions boards. The site is frequently updated.

It’s certainly possible to get some ideas and inspiration from the threads featured, even though it’s probably impossible to find the exact same furniture/shelf over here. Unless it’s from IKEA.
Some rooms fit the otaku-stereotype perfectly, with walls & ceilings covered with anime and game-posters. Some, raunchy enough to warrant censoring. Some rooms are just a mess, a mountain of garbage. But some rooms are well thought out & sharp. It’s just interesting, is what I’m trying to say.

And with that, I’ll see you later. Probably will have another laserdisc-loot post coming up – possibly the last big loot-post this summer (and well, summer’s about to end anyway).
But that will be later.

See ya.

Aozora Shoujotai: An otaku room study

While curiously absent from the cover illustrations, Isurugi Takuya, the male lead from from 青空少女隊 (Aozora Shōjotai), also known as 801 T.T.S. Airbats, is a gigantic nerd (in a good way). He doesn’t go around spouting anime references like other people sharing his passion would do if this was any other series, instead the shelves in his room is filled to the brim with figures and toys.

The original manga ran from July 1991 – October 1992 in Shounen Monthly Captain and for the reader with a keen eye, provides an interesting glimpse into what shows were popular back then. Or at least what the author, Toshimitsu Shimizu, preferred.

Lovers of Bubblegum Crisis will have a riot as hardsuit-clad Priss is featured in almost every photo. Speaking of which, I also suspect Toshimitsu may be a fan of BGC episode 8, since Vision’s spider-like tank makes two appearances. A man after my own heart, this guy 😛

A robot from Armored Trooper Votoms also appears twice, as does King, the lion cub from Nadia: Secret of Blue Water though not Nadia herself, strangely enough.
Other interesting appearances are Rabby and Patty from Gallforce: First Story and Magical Taruruuto-kun, from the series with the same name.
For the lover of older anime there’s Maetel from Galaxy Express 999 and Tetsujin 28.
There’s silhouettes resembling Onyomiko (Kaku Rei) from Genji Tsuushin Agedama and Tekkaman Blade. Something that looks like a Sailor Moon figure is also in there as well as the Thunderbird 2. Even Totoro and the Moomins show up once.

In 1994 the series got an anime adaption and the reference hijinks continues, this time in color!

Hooo boy, there’s a lot in there. Obvious ones that I can tell right away is the Millennium Falcon, Ultraman, Sailor Jupiter, B-ko from Project A-ko, donning her battle suit, Gunbuster, Kinu Himuro from Ghost Sweeper Mikami, Nuku Nuku from All Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku (say that one fast three times) and even a not yet painted figure of Kagurazaka Yuna from Galaxy Fraulein Yuna. Evangelion also makes an appearance in the shape of a poster and somewhat more obscure is a figure of Cyomi from the (in)famous Viper-games by Sogna.

There’s even a lovingly reproduced brief homage to Namco’s Air Combat, the predecessor to the excellent Ace Combat game series.

I think that was all I could catch, but there’s probably more in there. I love it when manga authors and anime studios show their love for other works in this way. It’s like a pop-quiz extravaganza for the viewer “in the know”, so to speak.

In other news, I’m still waiting to stuff to arrive. Bleh.

Room progress 2011-12-18

Took some time but things are looking pretty good now. Not all things have found a new place yet, some stuff are still packed down (most of my drawing supplies, for example). But something like this is what I had in mind.
There isn’t that much to say so I just thought I’d drop some pictures instead…

The old room layout:

A couple of problems with the old layout was that, while quite comfy, the drum set ate a lot of space and the CRT was both in the way for a door and not exactly useful anywhere. The computers you see there aren’t really in use just…stuffed under there because I didn’t have another place for them (still don’t). My computer was downstairs.

Times like this, it feels like I have too many consoles – but then I remember that no, one can’t have too many consoles.

The new room layout:

It would make sense to have the desk face the wall but I’d rather look out through the window and over the room given a choice. Maybe I’ll change my mind later, we’ll see. My CRT now has a proper use (but it might be replaced in the foreseeable future – I’d rather a 4:3 one) and my game systems are split up between the two TV sets. I also moved up my computer and picked up a second screen, and some other things, quite cheap.

Oh and I moved the bed, got new lightning and another rug.

The room feels a bit more practical now – maybe a bit odd-looking but practical. : )

Oh, and one last thing, I’m working on a picture in time for christmas this year as well but things aren’t looking that hot at the moment. I’ve been busy with both the room and other things and I’m not sure I like what I’m working on…we’ll just have to see what happens.