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2015/2016 New Year wrap-up


As 2016 is soon to be upon us, I’d like to just have a quick glance back at this years happenings.

All the way back in March I hinted this with a quick post, but I moved out of my parents house and into an apartment for the first time in my life.
I knew some friends and family my age and younger that already had moved out but it took me until this year to do so.

I actually did start looking at apartments back in summer 2014, not seriously at first, but just as last years christmas descended upon us, I had managed to secure a place of my own, which I would get access to early this year. It took a few things coming together successfully, much like a delicate puzzle under a time limit, and quite some help from my parents to make this happen.

It took me longer than anticipated to actually move in but that was pretty much because of me, the apartment itself was actually in good nick and had received a somewhat recent make-over. Not having moved anywhere in my life before, packing things down effectively went so-so and it was only then I realized the full extent of my hoarder personality which had thrived quite well thanks an actual salary.

Also I wanted to wait until the last moment to move my computer, as I didn’t want it sitting in a box more than necessary.
So then when some of the other stuff, like temporary furniture and such was in place, we moved my bed and computer in one sitting. And the moment the bed moved, was when I officially moved out. I also got a few wooden chairs (surprisingly comfortable) and a (not so stable) folding table from a pair that was just cleaning out another apartment. Free stuff!

I remember it quite well. I moved during the weekend so that I would have grown a bit accustomed to things and not spend my entire morning getting ready for work with looking through the wrong cupboards.
The feeling was actually that of staying in a hotel. It was an odd but not all unpleasant feeling.

After a week it did feel like home though. And it really does now.

So yeah, moving out was the really big thing in 2015.

And if words bore you, here are some photos for your amusement:
Imgur album link

I also hope you realize I moved most boxes and crap outta the way when taking pictures. It’s quite much more of a mess IRL 😀

Bonus f00d pr0n:

Another Imgur link

Also got me a temporary oldschool gaming setup going now:


It’ll probably be the way it is for way too long to be called “temporary” but it’s a start. Here in December I actually sat down and played through Snatcher on the PC Engine, which was nice. Otherwise I’ve spent most of my time gaming on PC thanks since I upgraded my PC a little bit and there were indeed some good games out this year. I spent a lot of time with Metal Gear Solid V when that came out, for example.

Audio-related Imgur link

I also dabbled more with speakers and hifi-stuff this year. During the late summer I attempted to switch from my Mission 752 tower speakers to something more modern. I first ran the standmount-route and after some comparison made the rash decision to get a pair of Dali Zensor 3s. I demoed the Wharfedale 10.2 and Boston Acoustics A26 before deciding, but looking back those two were probably more in line of my preferences. But I wanted something a bit different sounding and got carried away.

After not really getting along with the sound signature (personal opinion, speakers were quite impressive technically) I went the floorstanding route again and ended up with a pair of Audio Pro Avanto 5.0s. These have been rather good. Chesty if run in full-range or crossed low but as one might expect a bit much in my small living room. So I am once again thinking of maybe getting another pair of bookshelf speakers…we’ll just have to see what I end up doing in 2016.

I also ended up getting a new portable music player, the Sony NWZ-A17. This one (64gb ver) I had to get from Massdrop as the Sony was 1) quite expensive here in Sweden and 2) not available with the larger memory (bit priced almost as high).
It’s been really good. The back/option buttons are slightly mushy though but other than that works well. I’ve been using Sony DAPs since my Creative Zen Micro died and I got a Sony NWZ-A818 instead, which I wrote about long ago.

As for drawing, I’ve been hanging out on /r/animesketch way more than my DA account this year. Fun place, go have a look!

And now I really don’t have time to sit here and write away anymore!
Again, see you 2016! /o/


It’s happening!


With all stuff that I have, this might take a good while….

Room update – early 2014 edition

Fact: The last pictures I posted about the ever changing space that is my room are decidedly outdated.
Solution: This link right here.

Please excuse the small picture sizes as these originally were meant to be embedded in a forum post elsewhere.
The biggest change is the PC corner, which now, in addition to RGB LEDs and cozy lightning, have been completely revamped with two new desks, a new shelf and display cabinet for figures and similar things. One of my displays is also now mounted to an arm (TATE preparations complete!) and it’s a very nice place to be, frankly! 😀 Next on the list should probably be a new chair. This cheap one is literary falling apart.

For those of you who’re interested, this is my current audio setup:
PC & Consoles -> Optical cable -> active switch -> Chinese SMSL brand DAC & Headphone amp -> AudioEngine N22 desktop amp -> Mordaunt-Short MS 3.10 speakers + cheap König subwoofer.
It sounds pretty good, even though I’d love to try some other speakers or another amplifier in the future. It’s not the cheapest setup but in the mad, mad world of audio it’s still probably “budget” material. Still, it’s much more flexible setup than a set of normal computer speakers since it’s super easy to replace parts of it.

The TV corner is pretty much the same as last time except now with much more stuff and, again, LEDs. Audio-wise, I switched to bookshelfs instead of the big Technics speakers. Two cheap Gale monitor speakers, another small sub from König and a Denon AVR-1601 amp/reciever – actually a very budget friendly audio setup. This used to be my PC audio setup before I decided to downsize it.

I’m always saying this but I’m wanting to do something about the TV corner. It’s always a big mess of wires, cables and controllers. …Not just sure what to do about it, limited space and all that.

And that concludes this time’s room report.

Happy New Year – 2013 edition (with artwork)

Click me!

Click me!

Yeah, can’t really draw aircraft well. But then again, I hardly practice so why am I even complaining?
Enough of that!

I said the same thing over at DA but, sorry for pretty much just disappearing for a while there.
Life’s been keeping me busy and I haven’t really had much motivation left for anything, I guess…

So what have I been up to lately?
Well, first off, I’ve got a SoundCloud-account now so I can easier torment friends & family with some home-made “musical pleasure” from yours truly. Also bought a cheap MIDI-keyboard, so that helps.
I also bough myself a new laptop…errr laptop hybrid – A Surface Pro to be more precise. I should probably write about that sometime but I quite like it overall. It’s a bit of a compromise…okay, it’s a compromise in many areas but all my other laptops are far too slow for most things nowadays, and I can draw on the Surface so there’s that.


Windows 8.1 is pretty okay actually, and it makes sense on something like this. Sticking with 7 Ultimate on my desktop machine, however.

I’m also finally a part of the smartphone crowd. Took me long enough! Ended up with a Sony Xperia SP, while not perfect, serves me pretty well. Couldn’t replace a dedicated proper portable device though, hence the Surface Pro.

As for loot and stuff, well, I’m always buying stuff but just didn’t get around to post about it. Did go a christmas spending spree however so when those things show up I could post about it. And lastly, I’ve found myself getting more into the world of Hi-Fi and often find myself at sites such as Head-Fi.

I did actually buy a new pair of headphones recently, the JVC HA-S500. There’s a thread about them on Head-Fi and I quite like them. I already have the S400 but found it lacking in “punch” sometimes, especially when worn outside. The S500 is not perfect however but worst of all, I’m afraid it’s a pretty effective gateway drug into more expensive gear. Not sure my wallet could take more abuse…hm hm.

With that said,


And here’s to hoping 2014 will be a good (and active) year 🙂

+ Christmas 2012 + (Artwork)

So, wow, another year’s soon gone by. Time flies, like really!
Before I say another word, ARTWORK TIME!

Christmas 2012

Click me!

Wasn’t even sure I’d be able to finish something for this year and I was running pretty late but it worked out somehow. Turned out pretty great too, aside from a few things that bugs me.
But just so we’re clear, HEADPHONES ARE FREAKING HARD TO DRAW. Got that? Okay, good 🙂

In other news,
I had meant to make another loot post because I got in some more stuff during the last months but I’ve been to lazy to actually post it here. Maybe it’ll come up today or tomorrow or something. We’ll see! I also have some more cool stuff on the way to me as we speak (which also totally emptied my wallet but that’s my fault) but more about that once they arrive.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays, people! 😀

Genious bickering (Artwork)

You know what? It’s been almost a year since I last did any artwork worth posting…that’s quite a long time.
But here’s a little something: MM Legends fanart!

Click me!

Click me!

I recently completed Rockman Dash 2 and I’m currently playing Tron ni Kobun (Misadventures of Tron Bonne) so that’s what made me do it, I guess. (Funny that, I’ve been eye the PAL release ever since I got my PS2 but I ended up getting it much cheaper for my import PSone. Hmm).
Been wanting to do something MML-related for the longest time actually, had some things work in progress quite some time back but they never turned out very well. I get the feeling this too could look better in some areas, but at least I finished it instead of giving up 😛

Room progress – 2012 Game corner update!

I wasn’t wasting money solely on my gaming & anime/manga collection during my absence but I also invested some money in re-doing my little gaming corner. Got me some proper shelving and a TV bench as well as the needed AV switches & selectors, cords and all that other stuff.
I won’t bore you with details so let’s look at some pictures instead! 😀



Everything is not completely connected yet, as I need a few more cables and the like and some of the solutions are not very elegant, but this works pretty well actually. You might be scratching your chin and wondering, “why is there such a gap between the TV and the shelves?”. Well, I thought that I maybe would like to cram in another monitor or a small TV, like one of those 21″ Bang & Olufsen CRTs, can I find one for cheap. Not everything plays that well with my scaler, my unmodified PC Engine Duo, for example, so having an alternative could be nice. I also need to pick up some RGB cables for my PlayStations and since I’m just out of inputs, another scart box and maybe another RCA selector.

Also need to get rid of that chair and get a proper sofa or something…but that’s for another day!

Room progress 2012-08-20


Well, almost. But it’s 100% usable now. Too bad my camera refused to cooperate : /
The old layout was fun but not that well thought out – also cords friggin everywhere. I also had some problem with electricity and fuses going. I tried divide my stuff over a couple of different power switches, but it didn’t always work that well. The solution turned out to be the Brennenstuhl Power Manager (available here) – this way I have more control over what’s getting power and, more importantly, what isn’t. Of course, it’s designed for use in Europe so your mileage may wary.

With a bit of help, my PC got itself a little rolling CPU stand so that I can access it more easily and I also have monitor risers, as well as a little wagon-thing that houses my PS3, XB360 & amplifier. I was getting tired of PC speakers and wanted to try something different.

Both the amp and speakers have been sitting around in my room for quite a while, I just didn’t have any place to use them until now. Considering I gave 500 sek (~$75) for the amp. and 300 sek (~$45) for the speakers I’m quite happy with how it sounds.
I also picked up a sub for an additional 500 sek. Granted, for that kind of money, you’re getting close to premium-level PC speakers but I just didn’t feel like it. Also, it’s easier to switch things out in this kind of setup.

The rest of the room is calmly chaotic, best way to describe it I guess. I’m planning something similar for the TV setup – amp & speakers already secured. 😀


This sucks.

I somehow managed to misplace or loose my debit card last Friday after I did a bit of shopping in the local mall. I noticed the day after when I was going to pull the card out to pay for a magazine and a train ticket. Good thing I had some cash on me as well. Since I couldn’t find it after a very thorough search, I called in and blocked the card.
A new one should probably be in my hands at the end of this week at least but right now I can’t buy stuff online, and that’s…surprisingly annoying.

I bet my wallet like me better this way, however. I’m sure that by next week I will be back, spending full force *hint* again.

…maybe I should lose it more often.

A recent computer building adventure

A seemingly innocent decision on my part, to buy a new graphics card, resulted in much more work than I could’ve imagined.

Last summer, at least I’m pretty sure it was last summer, I decided that instead of buying a new pre-built computer to replace my ageing ticking bomb of a Compaq-system, I was going to try and build one myself. With (almost) enough money saved and all parts I deemed necessary, the work began. With the help of a friend my new system was up and running after an evening. It has worked well since then, but recently I decided that I maybe wanted to get back into PC-gaming. If the most serious offender behind this train of thought was TERA Online, which recently entered a closed beta I paid to enter, I will not say. Anyway, since the graphics card in my old build, a rather cute GeForce 210 with passive cooling, was something I just bought because I felt I needed some sort of graphics card, so that I could use multiple screens, watch youtube in HD and play the occasional older game – it performed poorly. Although I was impressed that I could actually play the Crysis demo on the lowest settings, since my old computer couldn’t even start it. :p

Anyway, so I went and hunted down a card. Then, it turned out, it was bigger than I thought it would be and the only place it would fit inside the case was near the bottom, making it overheat thanks to a lack of cold air being sucked in.
Because of that, I decided to buy a better, for the purpose more optimized case – on a budget. Cases can easily get expensive. So, I picked up the Corsair Carbide 300R and quickly transferred all the stuff to my new case, just to run into another problem. One that I probably caused myself.

The graphics card was now behaving (still not running as cold as the tests I’ve read – but I don’t know what witchcraft they use) but my CPU started to reach heat levels very close to overheating under the slightest load. So, seeing as the CPU cooler probably might’ve come a bit loose with me moving the motherboard and stuff around, I decided that, as I would have clean out and replace the cooling paste anyway, I should take this opportunity and install a new cooler as well.

And that I did, and I ran into some trouble but things thankfully got solved. Turns out this particular cooler wasn’t made to be installed with the motherboard still in the case :p Anyway, it’s up and running, it works and while there are some loose ends I think I’ve learned a lot of things during all of this.