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Well, dang it!




Really enjoyed that free shipping whenever I could use it.
Arrived within a week, with tracking and SMS notice – good stuff!


The Crunchyroll Mystery Back (2013/2014 ver)


This just showed up.
And I had almost completely forgotten about it.

This is something Crunchyroll called the “Mystery backpack” and sold on their homepage during last years “Cyber Monday”.
It was a pre-order so it arrived just now, roughly half a year later 😛

The box contained a Crunchyroll branded cap, T-shirt (comfy!) , note pad and the backpack. Pretty bare-bone stuff, but the price was also waaaay down that time.
Had I paid more, I’d perhaps be a bit let down in regards to the actual build quality, but as it stands it looks to be a good backup backpack. Really like the colors, my current one is a bit too much black.


Aozora Shoujotai: An otaku room study

While curiously absent from the cover illustrations, Isurugi Takuya, the male lead from from 青空少女隊 (Aozora Shōjotai), also known as 801 T.T.S. Airbats, is a gigantic nerd (in a good way). He doesn’t go around spouting anime references like other people sharing his passion would do if this was any other series, instead the shelves in his room is filled to the brim with figures and toys.

The original manga ran from July 1991 – October 1992 in Shounen Monthly Captain and for the reader with a keen eye, provides an interesting glimpse into what shows were popular back then. Or at least what the author, Toshimitsu Shimizu, preferred.

Lovers of Bubblegum Crisis will have a riot as hardsuit-clad Priss is featured in almost every photo. Speaking of which, I also suspect Toshimitsu may be a fan of BGC episode 8, since Vision’s spider-like tank makes two appearances. A man after my own heart, this guy 😛

A robot from Armored Trooper Votoms also appears twice, as does King, the lion cub from Nadia: Secret of Blue Water though not Nadia herself, strangely enough.
Other interesting appearances are Rabby and Patty from Gallforce: First Story and Magical Taruruuto-kun, from the series with the same name.
For the lover of older anime there’s Maetel from Galaxy Express 999 and Tetsujin 28.
There’s silhouettes resembling Onyomiko (Kaku Rei) from Genji Tsuushin Agedama and Tekkaman Blade. Something that looks like a Sailor Moon figure is also in there as well as the Thunderbird 2. Even Totoro and the Moomins show up once.

In 1994 the series got an anime adaption and the reference hijinks continues, this time in color!

Hooo boy, there’s a lot in there. Obvious ones that I can tell right away is the Millennium Falcon, Ultraman, Sailor Jupiter, B-ko from Project A-ko, donning her battle suit, Gunbuster, Kinu Himuro from Ghost Sweeper Mikami, Nuku Nuku from All Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku (say that one fast three times) and even a not yet painted figure of Kagurazaka Yuna from Galaxy Fraulein Yuna. Evangelion also makes an appearance in the shape of a poster and somewhat more obscure is a figure of Cyomi from the (in)famous Viper-games by Sogna.

There’s even a lovingly reproduced brief homage to Namco’s Air Combat, the predecessor to the excellent Ace Combat game series.

I think that was all I could catch, but there’s probably more in there. I love it when manga authors and anime studios show their love for other works in this way. It’s like a pop-quiz extravaganza for the viewer “in the know”, so to speak.

In other news, I’m still waiting to stuff to arrive. Bleh.

The waiting game

I just ordered a bunch of stuff I thought I might need in order to connect things to the new scaler I bought. The clock just turned sunday, so those orders probably won’t start getting worked on until tomorrow at best. Thus begins *dun dun DUN* the Waiting Game.

The scaler I just got, a DVDO VP30 performs much, much better than that cheap thing I wrote about a while back. It’s also got the ATB102 deinterlacing card, and that’s a good idea if you’re planning on using it for games. Though, Game mode 1 looks a bit too sharpened, waxy in my opinion but it’s fast and works well.

I figured the best thing I could do now is to get better cords for the stuff that will go into the scaler. I’m reluctant about modifying my game systems, mostly because of cost (I mean, you have to find someone that can mod them, then pay for shipping and the actual mod work), so getting the best possible cable sounds like a better option.
The built-in comb filter in the VP30 isn’t all that great, so, stuff that uses composite (like my PCE and LD-player) could look better. But I’ve heard about people using DVD recorders as external comb filters for such purposes, so I will look into that.

Another problem I have right now is my setup, which is currently split into two sections. One for SD-gaming and one for HD. I’m planning to get rid of my CRT TV and merge these into one. I’m just no sure when I will do that – but until then, I will be unable to properly utilize the scaler, because while I can connect some stuff to it, I can’t play games because the controller cords don’t reach too well n_n;

So, right now I’m waiting. Waiting for stuff I need and for me to start moving things around.

…waiting sure is boring…