Oh hey, kickstarted things…

Back in 2013, before I took a brief lengthy hiatus writing things here, I mentioned two very interesting Kickstarter campaigns. One was for the western release of the original Bubblegum Crisis OVA on Blu-ray and the other was for SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works, a fancy book dedicated to well, the Sega Mega Drive.

As you might know, not only did those successfully finish their fundraising, but also the actual products as well. Neato!
As I don’t have too much experience with crowd funding, and while I can see the same problem as everyone else, it does feel like a fresh way of doing things, and also a way to vote with your money to get what you want. When that works….that is.

If we tackle the book first, it’s a really cool book. It’s big, chunky and absolute eye candy if you have…feelings for Sega’s 16-bit system.
I regret to say I haven’t read the whole book yet, as in with the words, but I’ve looked through it multiple times and it’s just a matter of me finding time to properly wind down with this sleek read.


With that, we’ll move on to the BGC Blu-ray which, unsurprisingly, is just delicious. I never owned the DVD release or had a high quality rip on my PC, so this was a real step up. No matter how much I love to have the show on LaserDisc, this is just better. Not the biggest fan of the multi colored subs, as they are rather too saturated, but there’s also non-colored subs available so it’s a non-problem really. Video and audio is, as expected, stellar. There are also some interesting extras, such as the Knight Sabers Holiday in Bali, which I can’t watch without cringing uncontrollably – but that might just be me.

Also getting access to a high quality scanned PDF version of BGC manga Grand Mal, among a few other things, is definitively a nice touch.


Wrapping it up, I’m looking forward to whatever future projects might be next from the creators of both. Robert from AnimEigo seemed quite interested in maybe doing another kickstarter…
Here’s to hoping! /o/

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2 responses to “Oh hey, kickstarted things…”

  1. Sean @ Retro Otaku says :

    My copy of the book arrived a few weeks back too – absolutely love it!

    As for BGC, was that region-free or region-locked? It’s been years since I last watched the show, but I imagine it’d look amazing on BRD.

    Speaking of LDs in your post, I recently received some goodies from a friend currently over there. The majority were Sailormoon LDs, but also had the Project A-Ko Perfect Disc, which is a two-LD set with the first movie (spread over three sides) and extras (side 4). Haven’t had time to give it a spin, but I can’t wait to see how it looks and enjoy the awesome Dolby Surround soundtrack!

    • Ji-L87 says :

      I believe it’s region free, but if I remember correctly there were restrictions depending on where you lived (like, Japan, since they already have their own release). And yes, it looks good. Probably as good as classic BGC is ever going to look.

      That Project A-Ko Perfect Disc sounds absolutely delicious! Looked it up and Yeah, really want to get my hands on that :p
      Congrats on the nice pickup! Do you have a surround-capable LD player?

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