Quick anime recommendation: Tenamonya Voyagers

Tenamonya Voyagers - Episode 1 [OnDeed] [525594B6].mkv_snapshot_00.43_[2014.04.19_12.14.27]

I love checking out the odd OVA – there’s always something to discover, something you’ve never heard of. Sometimes it’s even good.
That’s the case with Tenamonya Voyagers, a 4 episode late 90s OVA which best can be described as a collision between a zany space adventure and a 70s Yakuza flick.

This charmingly odd ride is presented with a surprisingly high level of visual quality with nice special effects, lovely detailed backgrounds, cool mechanical design, and mostly above average (sometimes excellent) animation. Characters are drawn well enough, although this particular style of drawing exhibits some parts of the 90s style that I’m not too fond of.
The music, too, is unconventional but fitting and well produced. The opening sequence is set to a happy march, while the rest of BGM is very low-key, if used at all. However, some really pumping tunes are brought up during the action scenes.

Tenamonya Voyagers - Episode 1 [OnDeed] [525594B6].mkv_snapshot_00.44_[2014.04.19_12.14.29] Tenamonya Voyagers - Episode 1 [OnDeed] [525594B6].mkv_snapshot_02.39_[2014.04.18_22.51.25] Tenamonya Voyagers - Episode 1 [OnDeed] [525594B6].mkv_snapshot_11.57_[2014.04.18_22.57.00]

Without getting into too many details, the story is about a trio of girls, the newly graduated but unlucky teacher Ayako, the athletic Wakane and the mysterious Paraila, which are stuck on a remote planet and for various reasons, must make their way back to Earth, all while being chased by the space mafia and a loose cannon police officer – both for story reasons and because the trio manages to rack up quite the amount of criminal charges during their travels.

Tenamonya Voyagers - Episode 1 [OnDeed] [525594B6].mkv_snapshot_14.44_[2014.04.18_22.58.12] Tenamonya Voyagers - Episode 2 [OnDeed] [0D7EA562].mkv_snapshot_03.33_[2014.04.18_23.04.39] Tenamonya Voyagers - Episode 3 [OnDeed] [ED9EFBAD].mkv_snapshot_20.16_[2014.04.18_23.13.26]

Despite everything that happens around them, the characters in Tenamonya Voyagers comes off as very ordinary – they have their specified roles (and they don’t grow a lot) and they’re easy enough to visually distinguish from each other, but no-one is over-designed or that well fitted to having their face plastered over some merchandise. In this case, their everyday-looks go well in hand with the feel of the show, although their personalities falls into a pattern quite early on which might bother some.

Tenamonya Voyagers - Episode 3 [OnDeed] [ED9EFBAD].mkv_snapshot_07.49_[2014.04.18_23.11.18] Tenamonya Voyagers - Episode 3 [OnDeed] [ED9EFBAD].mkv_snapshot_07.57_[2014.04.18_23.11.30] Tenamonya Voyagers - Episode 3 [OnDeed] [ED9EFBAD].mkv_snapshot_03.02_[2014.04.18_23.10.34]

It ends quite abruptly with the 4th episode and it really feels like someone originally had planned for a longer run – I could easily see this having double the amount of episodes.
In the end, if you have the time and are up for it, I recommend checking out Tenamonya Voyagers!
Tenamonya Voyagers - Episode 1 [OnDeed] [525594B6].mkv_snapshot_02.01_[2014.04.19_12.15.27]


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