The Classy Loot of March 2014


Welcome to this late March decidedly CLASSY loot extra post.
It’s the kind of post where we’re just all about staying classy.

And, you might ask, what exactly is this glorious little pile of stuff? I’m glad you asked!
The headphones are the Sony MDR-1R – which are just so, soo very comfortable. Although gets a tad warm after a while.
Still, for a closed can they feel really airy and I’m impressed by both the soundstage and instrument separation.
On the other hand, I don’t have that much in terms of headphone experience. Could do with just a bit more thumpy bass, though.


Then we have the just released Ranma ½ TV Season 1 Blu-ray collection. It’s a new HD master, apparently. Viz posted comparisons on their youtube page, which did look a bit over-saturated but with nice details. I’m planning to check it out after finishing writing this, so we’ll see how the quality is.*
This box is nice anyhow, and I’ve always wanted to check out the TV-series.

*Update: Quality is actually really nice. Colors doesn’t seem overly saturated to me and there’s no horrible filtering going on. Maybe a bit on the grainy side on the other hand, but that’s really preferable instead of having it forcefully removed.


Lastly there’s another Agent AIKa DVD.
…What? D:< RightStuf had a sale so I jumped on that. Picture quality is all right with good colors and decent details but it seems to be suffering a bit from compression. Oh, well. Still nice to have it on DVD as well….now to complete that LD collection… >_>



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5 responses to “The Classy Loot of March 2014”

  1. Sean @ Retro Otaku says :

    Funny you mentioned Ranma – I only read up last week about Viz’s BRD release and I have it on my to-get list 🙂 That was one of the series’ I got into back in the mid-90s, looking forward to seeing the OVAs and movies on BRD as well hopefully!). Out of interest, is your BRD player region-free, or is Viz’s release region-free? We’re region B over here and I can’t remember if you’re in the same boat over your way!

    • Ji-L87 says :

      Region 2/B over here as well. The Viz release is most likely region 1.

      I “solved” the problem by getting two players (not counting the PS3). Imported a cheap LG region 1 player through eBay and then picked up another player for PAL material. Probably paid less in total for both than people pay for one new player of decent quality.

      I just hope my little LG doesn’t break soon or anything. There’s evidence of it’s budget heritage in build quality. Not overly so, just…a bit plasticy. That did keep the shipping costs down though 😛

      What kind of BD player have you got? While mine are fairly standard, I’ve seen some nice looking early, expensive ones (big, heavy behemoths) floating around as people upgrade. Tempting, even though they’re probably outdated by now…

      • Sean @ Retro Otaku says :

        We originally used our PS3 for BRD playback, but picked up a Sony network-ready player around November 2012 – does a great job with playback, is region-free for DVDs (not for BRDs unfortunately) and works really well with our media server on other web apps. Would love it if it was region-free – would probably be buying more BRDs as we used to/still grab DVDs from anywhere, but the region locking means I’m spending less time looking at BRDs compared to my thirst for DVD 😛 Region free FTW!

  2. Walters says :

    The only classy thing I see on here are those headphones. Those headphones look nice…

    • Ji-L87 says :

      Oh they do look very nice. I think Sony’s been very hit and miss, mostly miss, with their headphone designs (and some other stuff) lately but the MDR-1R is truly gorgeous – while still maintaining some aesthetics from their successful old MDR-V6 family of studio headphones.

      That said, that’s probably the only thing they’ve got in common. The 1R is colored, specifically focused on the vocals it seems, as opposed to employing a heavy bass response (like most other Sony cans) and surprisingly relaxing in delivery.

      In terms of look, I can’t make up my mind if this, the black/red version looks best, or the silver/brown version. The black one feels more in line with, again, the professional MDR-V6 line but the silver ones almost looks like a fancy car, say a Maserati or a Jaguar with a brown interior.

      Apparently there’s a new headphone coming out, the MDR-ZX750, which seems to retain a bit of this stylish aesthetics that I’m looking forward to checking out.

      And while this is true for any headphone, but if you or anyone is interested in these, if possible try them out beforehand. I think a lot of people, including me would like a bit deeper bass and I’m not sure they are such a great all rounder as some people say. There are genres, I think most specifically electronic dance music and other genres which rely on a thumping, driving rhythm, suffer a bit on these.

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