The (still) early 2014 loot post

Err. Yeah.

A bit late as usual but here we are. Literary TONS of stuff to go through! Important to note is that, all this isn’t bought at the same time but rather, all the collected loot since last time I posted (and maybe even before that, in case of pre-orders and the like).
Where to start? Maybe with this PC-FX that finally made it’s way to me late november last year?


A bit yellowed but seems to work well 🙂 That is my complete, measly library of games for the thing on the left there. Team Innocent has seen the most action among those games (completed it).
Next up is what arrived after I went a bit nuts after the holidays:


Decided to expand my meagre collection of import manga. I’m really liking Mikiyo Tsuda’s work so I picked up Day of the Revolution and the first volume of Princess Princess. I really want to get my hands on the english language release as well. Great stuff!
Also picked up another volume of the excellent Family Compo. And some other stuff, including an interesting assortment of music CDs & soundtracks. T-Square is always nice (fab Jazz Fusion) and I discovered Frankie Goes to Hollywood thanks to youtube.

Also got me the soundtrack for Under Siege which is simple, but atmospheric, another entry in the ever growing pile of all things Bubblegum Crisis, the soundtrack to the first Idol Defense Force Hummingbird OVA and some delightfully cheesy dance tracks with the MAKAI*STARs album. Also found a nice 1981-1987 collection CD from Japanese artist Toshiki Kadomatsu, whose stuff I’ve really gotten into as of late. It’s basically more delightful cheese.

Lastly I bought a copy of Manga Studio 5 – however I was stupid and imported it (and got hit by extra charges) when I could’ve saved money and bought it -with free shipping- from Amazon UK instead. >_<;
Aaaanyway, some welcome additions to the LD library also showed up. Good stuff too, maybe especially Gundam 0083.

Then began my latest collection craze – physical anime releases. It’s a bit embarrassing this but, I’ve always been more of a fansub guy. I did buy some anime DVDs but those were so crappy I grew very, very wary of official releases however stupid that may sound. But recently I’ve seen so many things I want to own on DVD/Blu-ray pop up for very decent prices so I basically just caved in.

I’ve actually always wanted to support the industry by buying physical anime releases but the box-sets I’ve seen have been a bit pricey and I’ve always been strapped for cash – not to mention me not really trusting the companies to do a decent job. But that’s a topic for another day!


Pre-ordering that Hidamari Sketch blu-ray literary blew open the floodgates. More cool deals showed up, such as the sweet Doujin Work DVD/Manga combo by RightStuf (which is probably just the right amount of Hiroyuki) and being the self-declared fan of the original AIKa I am, how could I pass up AIKa R-16 for a super low price? I can hear your facepalm from where I sit but I don’t hate AIKa R-16. Now, AIKa Zero on the other hand….*shakes fist*

Keeping in line with the fan service, I also picked up Highschool DxD and it’s been surprisingly decent. Also picked up Summer Wars as well as the ever excellent Cowboy Bebop. I forgot to mention I had to secure two blu-ray players (region A & B) in order to enjoy all this, by the way. A great book store in Stockholm also had a sale where I picked up some neat things.
Thankfully, all this craziness is coming to an end. The last pile of things to look at is this:


Last but not least, as they say. With this, another milestone has been achieved as my Bubblegum Crisis LaserDisc collection is now complete.
Then some cheap bishoujo-games for the Saturn showed up, along with Asuka 120½ Burning Fest. Limited and Langrisser for PC Engine. Also thrown in there is ToHeart 2 DX Plus for the PS3 which is, as far as I can tell, pretty much the perfect version of this game to own. Sure, the extra scenes from the X-rated PC release will most likely not be included, but those aren’t really important anyway.

And that’s it. Geeez, talk about hoarding.


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5 responses to “The (still) early 2014 loot post”

  1. Sean @ Retro Otaku says :

    There’s some spectacularly nerdy stuff in there – especially love the LDs (started my anime LD obsession last year, but I’ve managed to keep it relatively contained) and you’ll love Asuka 120% on the Saturn. That was actually amongst my first batch of imports on the Saturn back in… 1997, and was what opened the floodgates for imports from then on 🙂 It also happens to be an excellent 2D fighter, with some great floaty elements to the combo engine that are great fun to play with!

    • Ji-L87 says :

      Yup, looking forward to taking Asuka 120% for a spin. Seen gameplay and heard the soundtrack, I’m pretty hyped 😛

      I forgot you collected LDs too! Anything interesting in your collection so far or anything special you’re wanting to get hold off?

  2. Sean @ Retro Otaku says :

    Sorry for taking a while to reply 😛

    Over my way I’m holding off on grabbing too many more LDs as the postage costs are a bit crazy and I’m relaxing on being a completionist XD My current batch includes the Rurouni Kenshin Reflection OVA in a nice box, some Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon (audio in particular sounds great compared to the previous R1 releases, and of course much better than the old VHS fansubs I used to have way back when!), Project A-Ko, some Eva LDs, Ah! Megami-sama, Slayers… there are others in there as well, but those are some of them! The BGC set you have looks really nice though – absolutely love the soundtrack to that series too!

    • Ji-L87 says :

      LD Box sets are a thing of beauty, aren’t they?
      See you have some nice (and well-known) stuff in there. What player do you have for those? Pioneer of some kind, or maybe something like a LaserActive? 😛

      I think I should try and get a better player sometime, using a Pioneer CLD-V2800 as my main player right now. Not the best performer out there, and I think mine could use a little bit of attention but it still works.

      Shipping costs for LD can get pretty high, but postage for the players are crazy expensive 😀 Otherwise I’d get a new player in a heartbeat…

      • Sean @ Retro Otaku says :

        Yeah, LDs in general are beautiful pieces of awesomeness – the Project A-Ko and Eva ones loook great, and there’s something surprisingly understated and elegant about the Sailormoon LDs XD

        I can’t recall off the top of my head the model number, but I was very fortunate to have a friend living in Japan snap up an LD player with some discs for a steal. Postage was priced very reasonably as he sent it over sia SAL too, so while it was ultimately a bit of a nerd spend, I felt it was good value for money 🙂

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