Room update – early 2014 edition

Fact: The last pictures I posted about the ever changing space that is my room are decidedly outdated.
Solution: This link right here.

Please excuse the small picture sizes as these originally were meant to be embedded in a forum post elsewhere.
The biggest change is the PC corner, which now, in addition to RGB LEDs and cozy lightning, have been completely revamped with two new desks, a new shelf and display cabinet for figures and similar things. One of my displays is also now mounted to an arm (TATE preparations complete!) and it’s a very nice place to be, frankly! 😀 Next on the list should probably be a new chair. This cheap one is literary falling apart.

For those of you who’re interested, this is my current audio setup:
PC & Consoles -> Optical cable -> active switch -> Chinese SMSL brand DAC & Headphone amp -> AudioEngine N22 desktop amp -> Mordaunt-Short MS 3.10 speakers + cheap König subwoofer.
It sounds pretty good, even though I’d love to try some other speakers or another amplifier in the future. It’s not the cheapest setup but in the mad, mad world of audio it’s still probably “budget” material. Still, it’s much more flexible setup than a set of normal computer speakers since it’s super easy to replace parts of it.

The TV corner is pretty much the same as last time except now with much more stuff and, again, LEDs. Audio-wise, I switched to bookshelfs instead of the big Technics speakers. Two cheap Gale monitor speakers, another small sub from König and a Denon AVR-1601 amp/reciever – actually a very budget friendly audio setup. This used to be my PC audio setup before I decided to downsize it.

I’m always saying this but I’m wanting to do something about the TV corner. It’s always a big mess of wires, cables and controllers. …Not just sure what to do about it, limited space and all that.

And that concludes this time’s room report.


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Laid back swede with an for affection games, sweet music and specific parts of Japanese pop culture.

3 responses to “Room update – early 2014 edition”

  1. Sean @ Retro Otaku says :

    Always interesting seeing other gaming spaces setup – especially like the emphasis on audio playback in your setup, not enough configs take it seriously. I’m using a Yamaha RX-A1400 in my nerd room with a combination of floor and satellite speakers and sub, and am hanging another switch box off that to accommodate all the consoles hooked up to it. It’s a bit of a mess and is definitely hacky (switch box tops out at 7 inputs, but I’ve added some components to get it up to 12-14, but audio quality has suffered a bit and there’s noise on the video outputs), but I have a project on the cards to build my own switch box to tackle the brunt of it. Makes it easier that there aren’t any HDMI components in the nerd room setup!

    • Ji-L87 says :

      Googled that Yamaha receiver, it looks positively lovely ❤
      As for audio/video noise – yeah, I've got some of that too. Mostly video noise. It's not too bad though. Also, I'd have to agree on your first point – there's a lot of discussion about getting good video out of your systems but audio is never really mentioned that often, seldom in relation to "retro gaming".

      Granted most CRT sets I've seen have had pretty good audio, maybe not the deepest of bass but a decent, full sound. But a cheap amplifier and some old speakers are just so much more fun : )

      You need to show off that nerd cave sometime, sounds like a good time.

      • Sean @ Retro Otaku says :

        Yeah, I’m a little spoilt but fortunate to be able to use that amp in my nerd room – I’m only running it in 4.1 at the moment (L/R front and rear with the centre matrixed through the fronts), but it does a great job, especially with old games where you can tell they’ve been having fun playing with stereo effects! One day I may get off my behind to post some snaps of my setup in terms of consoles and stuff, as I’m confident in saying my config has settled (not planning on any more consoles or additions).

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