A light gun oppurtunity

Home alone – no one minds if I hog the ol’ CRT in the upstairs living room for a bit of weekend light gun goodness.
Yeah, we still have a nice 4:3 CRT in use. Not always the best for watching TV because of all the 16:9 content nowadays but the actual image quality is very nice on this Philips set. Sound’s not bad either.

But anyway, just grabbed my PS2 slim for a quick and dirty light gun setup. Shame they don’t work on HD TVs – if I had the space, I would like to have a dedicated light gun setup, CRT and all. But I don’t : (

I could really do with some more light gun games as well (not that there aren’t that many) but considering I don’t play them that often at all (thanks to lack of space & access to equipment) they’d mostly just collect dust on a shelf most of the time. Sadly 😦

Can’t say I hear people talk very much about light gun games…shmups? Yeah, totally. Fighters & brawlers? Yes, all the time. Driving games? Same. But light gun games? Not really.
It could do with a bit of revival, I say. I might suck at the actual games, gun in my hand or not, but few types of games brings the arcade experience home in such a way that light gun games does.


etc 🙂


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About Ji-L87

Laid back swede with an for affection games, sweet music and specific parts of Japanese pop culture.

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