Recent pickups Nov/Dec

Here’s the belated loot post I was talking about. This is stuff that I got during November and maybe very early December that I didn’t get round to post here.


First up is some game systems I’ve been after for quite some time. I mentioned this before but when I picked up my PCE DUO, I had originally been deciding between a Super Famicom or a Mega Drive. That purchase resulted in none of those, so I’ve been eyeing them again after that.

Sadly, I’ve had a bit of problem connecting them to my scaler, especially with the Mega Drive units. I do have an RGB scart for all systems but maybe I also need to invest in one of those syncstrike-devices? The MD with the “AV Intelligent Terminal – High Grade Multipurpose Use”-marking (love that!) was said to have some kind of audio trouble, so I managed to pick up another one to have just in case.


And software, of course! Nothing too expensive and mostly pretty common titles. Very happy to find a PC-FX game (Graduation II FX) for the price I got it for. See, I don’t have a PC-FX, but ever since I found out about the NEC game systems, I’ve been eyeing that one along with the normal PC Engine. Getting a PC-FX is not on the top of my priority list, but I hope to be able to pick one up sometime and when I do, I will have a game at the ready 🙂 Loving the big clamshell case!

Lastly, to the upper far left, an Eureka SeveN DVD/UMD combo pack…thing. It’s just the first DVD but it also comes with an UMD-disc…because…I don’t know why. All this comes in this big box thing which is surprisingly empty. It was bought used to most likely something is missing but…whatever. I’m not the biggest Eureka SeveN fan, actually. I mean, I DO really like it. But at the same time, I can’t see myself re-watching the whole thing any time soon and for everything that I like about the show, there are things that I don’t so…it’s a bit of a mixed bag for me.

And that’s that. I mentioned I had some other stuff on the way and everything save for one item has actually already turned up here so…just waiting for that last thing to get shipped. So stay tuned, if watching other people’s loot is your thing!


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3 responses to “Recent pickups Nov/Dec”

  1. Hollo @ SuperGaijinUltraGamer says :

    As an owner of a PC-FX, I wouldn’t put it too high on your list – specially at the price you’re likely to have to pay to get it to you. Don’t get me wrong, they’re unique and pretty cool, but you will need considerable Japanese skill to get anything out of the games. I much prefer sinking the hard earned cash into PCE.

    • Ji-L87 says :

      Haha, yeah, I get what you mean about the FX. Still want one though, if only just so I can stop wanting one 🙂 It’s pretty sad how much cooler the PCE is and how much much cooler the PC-FX could’ve been with some more proper games for it – hardware wise it seems to be pretty capable, so I feel it’s really unfortunate it went as it did.

      On the other hand, I like 90s anime and I don’t mind playing an adventure/simulation/visual novel-kind of game every now and then. I could probably get something out of it, just not at the price I want to pay…wonder why they’re always so pricey…? Rarity?

      • Hollo @ SuperGaijinUltraGamer says :

        I have no idea why they cost so much, and in all honesty they weren’t overly expensive here until the Japanese sellers started to find ebay. I can’t remember how much I paid for mine (boxed and complete with a few games), but I think it was about the $20 mark – could never get one for that now. I should do a write-up about that thing at some point now that I think about it.

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