Room progress – 2012 Game corner update!

I wasn’t wasting money solely on my gaming & anime/manga collection during my absence but I also invested some money in re-doing my little gaming corner. Got me some proper shelving and a TV bench as well as the needed AV switches & selectors, cords and all that other stuff.
I won’t bore you with details so let’s look at some pictures instead! 😀



Everything is not completely connected yet, as I need a few more cables and the like and some of the solutions are not very elegant, but this works pretty well actually. You might be scratching your chin and wondering, “why is there such a gap between the TV and the shelves?”. Well, I thought that I maybe would like to cram in another monitor or a small TV, like one of those 21″ Bang & Olufsen CRTs, can I find one for cheap. Not everything plays that well with my scaler, my unmodified PC Engine Duo, for example, so having an alternative could be nice. I also need to pick up some RGB cables for my PlayStations and since I’m just out of inputs, another scart box and maybe another RCA selector.

Also need to get rid of that chair and get a proper sofa or something…but that’s for another day!


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Laid back swede with an for affection games, sweet music and specific parts of Japanese pop culture.

3 responses to “Room progress – 2012 Game corner update!”

  1. Lance says :

    Hey, I know this post is three years old, but I wanted to say that looks like a sweet setup! Also I wanted to ask, what’s the Saturn game there with the “Seila” character onscreen? I love that character design and it’s going to drive me crazy if I never figure it out!

    • Ji-L87 says :

      Oh, hey, no probs! We take kindly to necro-posting here 🙂
      This setup was fun while it lasted, it’s retired now since I moved, but I haven’t made any real posts since. Mostly cause it’s not quite ready yet.

      The Saturn game is Game Tengoku/Game Paradise:

      It’s a fun parody shooter with some good character art 🙂

      You should be able to find both the opening which that is a photo of, and the special little anime OVA that came bundled on a VHS tape in the limited edition release on youtube.

      And while we’re at it, the other game running is (the bootleg version of) “Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire”, a great shmup on the PCE.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • Lance says :

        Thanks for the reply! I have a modchipped Saturn myself and I found an ISO of Game Tengoku, so I’m going to give it a try. It looks cute and fun! There are so many obscure gems on the Saturn, I feel like it will take me years and years to discover all of them. Thanks for the heads-up about the stuff on youtube too!

        Also I think I remember that Sapphire game because the cover has a cute chick on it, haha. I’ll follow your blog in the future because it seems like we’re into the same kind of stuff. 🙂 Mine has a great writeup on Touhou, if you’re ever interested!

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