Room makeover in progress…again

I’ve mentioned it time and again but finally I’m physically moving stuff around, not just with in my mind 😛
Progress have been pretty good so far, with the occasional snag. My computer is once again hooked up & running but until I finish an essential part of franken-furniture – IKEA-style, I’ve got no where to place my amp and thus no sound.

The interesting thing about the re-position of the computer-table/corner is that when dis-assembled and moved around, it didn’t take the fall alone.
My LCD TV-set needed to be re-positioned as well, so I could move around in here and thus the plans for re-arrangement of the classic game corner have been accelerated as well.

My initial plan was to do these things at different point in time but I really have got to many things in the middle of the room taking up space with no place to call home 😛


EXCITING TIMES! *widdles off*


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About Ji-L87

Laid back swede with an for affection games, sweet music and specific parts of Japanese pop culture.

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