Rooms? Rooms.

‘Ello everyone, my vacation just started and I must admit it feels pretty great. Sadly, it’s also raining.

That aside though, progress for the room re-arrangement have slowed down once again. I’m thinking of maybe putting together a little movable shelf-thing that can house the PS3, XB360 & a receiver/amplifier I picked up earlier. We’ll see if that comes into fruition…

But, rooms. I like looking at rooms and get inspired, you know? There are a couple of ways you could find them, Google’s image search being the first one that springs to mind. Sometimes, people in gaming communities also have these threads where they post their game rooms. But, I’d like to introduce you to a third alternative:


“Mezon heya-sure”, which translates roughly into “the rooms at home-thread”, is a blog-like site which compiles and archives related threads from the well-known 2ch discussions boards. The site is frequently updated.

It’s certainly possible to get some ideas and inspiration from the threads featured, even though it’s probably impossible to find the exact same furniture/shelf over here. Unless it’s from IKEA.
Some rooms fit the otaku-stereotype perfectly, with walls & ceilings covered with anime and game-posters. Some, raunchy enough to warrant censoring. Some rooms are just a mess, a mountain of garbage. But some rooms are well thought out & sharp. It’s just interesting, is what I’m trying to say.

And with that, I’ll see you later. Probably will have another laserdisc-loot post coming up – possibly the last big loot-post this summer (and well, summer’s about to end anyway).
But that will be later.

See ya.


About Ji-L87

Laid back swede with an for affection games, sweet music and specific parts of Japanese pop culture.

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