Loot 2012-04-10

It’s been what feels like just a little while and we’re already having another LD-licious loot-post? Well, to be fair, last time I had some LD-lootage was back in February so cut me some slack :p Since it’s only LDs and there isn’t a need to really get down & dirty on the details, this will be a brief post.
With this haul, the Birdy the Mighty OVA-series is complete. It was quite a while since I saw the last two episodes, so I can’t comment on those but overall this is a series I very much enjoy.
Not only is it well animated, I like the style and “feel” of it. Also, it has a quality soundtrack, so it’s an thoroughly enjoyable experience which I really prefer over the franchise reboot which is Birdy DECODE. Happy to own it!

Other than that, we have the first episodes of the ToHeart TV-series & Battle Athletes OVA. Also, with these two episodes halfway to completion, 卒業 Graduation is based upon a series of games with the same name which for some reason mostly was released on the more niche gaming systems. That is to say, PC Engine, PC-FX & Saturn.
I’m not sure about this but I think it’s fairly unfamiliar to most people, especially since it never gained the kind of fan-following that ToHeart & Tokimeki Memorial did.

Last, but certainly not least, we have the premium item of today; the You’re Under Arrest the Movie TUNE UP BOX.
Actually, it seems special and all that, but I don’t know if I have seen any other LD-release of it so maybe the TUNE UP BOX is just a regular box :p
Inside there’s two discs & a booklet with some illustrations, commentary and such. Always nice to have.

And there we have it.


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6 responses to “Loot 2012-04-10”

  1. hece says :

    Can you scan Birdy the Mighty LDs’ cap in high resolution? Please?

  2. hece says :

    No, only cover. Can you scan?

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