Room progress 2011-12-18

Took some time but things are looking pretty good now. Not all things have found a new place yet, some stuff are still packed down (most of my drawing supplies, for example). But something like this is what I had in mind.
There isn’t that much to say so I just thought I’d drop some pictures instead…

The old room layout:

A couple of problems with the old layout was that, while quite comfy, the drum set ate a lot of space and the CRT was both in the way for a door and not exactly useful anywhere. The computers you see there aren’t really in use just…stuffed under there because I didn’t have another place for them (still don’t). My computer was downstairs.

Times like this, it feels like I have too many consoles – but then I remember that no, one can’t have too many consoles.

The new room layout:

It would make sense to have the desk face the wall but I’d rather look out through the window and over the room given a choice. Maybe I’ll change my mind later, we’ll see. My CRT now has a proper use (but it might be replaced in the foreseeable future – I’d rather a 4:3 one) and my game systems are split up between the two TV sets. I also moved up my computer and picked up a second screen, and some other things, quite cheap.

Oh and I moved the bed, got new lightning and another rug.

The room feels a bit more practical now – maybe a bit odd-looking but practical. : )

Oh, and one last thing, I’m working on a picture in time for christmas this year as well but things aren’t looking that hot at the moment. I’ve been busy with both the room and other things and I’m not sure I like what I’m working on…we’ll just have to see what happens.


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