My room is a mess

…and that’s positively my fault. For a while now I’ve felt that my old room layout, while comfy, didn’t meet my increasing need of, well, space. So, I’ve tried to make it better. Inspired by those “show you room, guys”-threads from 2ch, I thought I had come up with a pretty good idea for a layout – only half way through I stopped because I didn’t like it anymore. I think I might have a better idea now, in theory anyway – we’ll just have to see if that works out well or not.

The really weird thing is, my room, while containing massive amounts of floor space, is actually pretty hard to properly decorate. Two wardrobes/general storage space, a large window and a door has resulted in a lack of good, uninterrupted wall space – every wall is occupied with something.

My work hasn’t been all for naught though, in the process of moving around things I’ve also cleaned out a lot of old stuff that’s basically been hidden in drawers and the like. Say, for example, the Mega Drive-poster in the last post.

My TV and consoles got a bit buried behind some stuff with all this moving around but it’s soon to be dug up again, after all I haven’t finished my hard-difficulty playthrough of MML yet, along with a whole bunch of Saturn & PCE games…


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