PC Engine GET!

A PC Engine Duo-R was waiting for me when I got home today. Mmmmmmm yes. There are some slight scratches not visible in the picture but overall it seems to be in very good shape, sans a faint yellow tint :p
What really surprised me is how “small” the system actually is, just slightly bigger than the old PlayStation.

I wanted to get another system, preferably something 16-bit…ish (I know wether the PCE is a true 16-bit console or not is technically debatable). At first I was after the Model 1 Mega Drive but that dang CD-add on is somewhat elusive, not to mention expensive :> Then I went to hunt down the Super Famicom. I was this close to getting one. But then, suddenly I couldn’t contain my desire to own a PC Engine any longer and, even though it might’ve been the most expensive of the three, I quickly took action. Truth to be told, I’ve wanted one pretty much since I “discovered” it’s existence a year or two ago. Ah well, I can get the others some other time.

I bought it through Game of Japan but weirdly enough, they sent me Galaxy Fraulein Yuna 2 instead of the first game : / Hmm…I don’t really mind, I mean, The Galaxy Fraulein-games aren’t exactly expensive or hard to find*…not to mention I already have the first one…on the Saturn. AND what a horrible version that is! That, however, is a rant for another day.

: )

* With the possible exception of Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire, but whether or not it’s really a part of the Yuna-franchise, I don’t know.


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3 responses to “PC Engine GET!”

  1. Hollo @ http://www.supergaijinultragamer.org/ says :

    Great to see some love for NEC. 😀

    I was/still am, obsessed with those little HuCards. I just can’t help myself buying them when I find them. I still don’t have myself a Duo-R though unfortunately – better hurry up and grab one as the prices are getting out of control!

    • Ji-L87 says :

      Prices are getting out of control? I thought they already were :p

      Joking aside, yeah, HuCards are really spiffy. I’ve got more CD-games than HuCards in my little collection though. I guess the HuCards I want are the sought after ones, and I’m a bit on the cheap side sooo….

      • Hollo @ SuperGaijinUltraGamer says :

        I’ve seen prices for PCE jump heaps in the past year – coming from an in-Japan perspective that is. Mainly due to proxy bidding from overseas bumping up sales everywhere, but still….. 😦

        Yep, some of the HuCards can get costly that’s for sure, but they are just so cool! I usually go through phases for buying them, but now the only ones I need to get to finish the collection are expensive…. *sigh*

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